Thursday, February 17, 2011

Someone has to do it

American Zen is on the rocks, with narcissistic teachers flogging students with their dongs left and right. There's been plenty of earnest thought lately about how to hold these guys accountable, and to try to restore some integrity to the Sangha.


But no one has really taken Guano Merzel, Eido Schlongo, and their ilk to the satire woodshed.


In medieval times the Jester was also called the jokerjokesterfoolwit-crackerprankster or buffoon (Wikipedia).

They could often get away with speaking forbidden truths beneath the guise of a rapier wit.

Welcome to Dharma Jester. DJ has spent 25 years knocking about the Dharma world in Asia and America, and just hopes to have a little fun. And shed a little light. At the expense of a whole bunch of Dharma narcissists......

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